February 23, 2024

How Does Simultaneous Translation Work, And Where Can I Hire It?

Humans may not be as fast or strong as many animals, but we have one quality that has ensured our survival in this world for all this time: adaptation. Difficult situations arise all the time, and it would be no different with the new Corona Virus pandemic we are experiencing today. We always manage to get life going and use the tools we have at hand.

Home office, online classes, videoconferences, the internet makes it possible, as far as possible, for our activities to continue, despite the quarantine and social isolation. Online meetings, conferences, and webinars have significantly increased in this time of the pandemic. An intelligent solution for relationships not to be lost despite the distance.

Professional Interpreters

For those who depend on the translation of the content like Indonesian Russian translation (terjemahan indonesia rusia which is the term in Thai) to accompany the event, it is essential that the translator be efficient, fluent, and not disturb the rhythm of the entire speech.

Real-Time Translation

Translation and transmission must take place at the same time and without interruption. Thus, simultaneous interpretation takes place quickly and comfortably for all participants of the meeting or congress.

Noise Free

Translated audio needs to be heard clearly. In “non-virtual” events or people in an auditorium, for example, the interpreters work in a soundproof translation booth.

In the case of online events, it is only necessary that the professional is in a noise-free environment, having at his disposal a complete structure of equipment to carry out the work, such as a laptop with glossaries, PowerPoint presentations, sound volume controls, and other features.

The interpreters’ audio is captured and transmitted to the listeners. All to ensure that no content is lost and that all participants can enjoy the event to the full. Careful interpretation is essential for the success of your event.

Professional Translation Company

Finally, to avoid mistakes or embarrassing situations in your online event, hiring a professional translation company is the best option. Thus, you will have at your disposal a complete infrastructure for the conference, webinar, or meeting in the language you need.

From the internet connection to the interpreter’s equipment, the translation company takes care of every detail so that your online event runs smoothly because of the translation.